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creative source

Creative Source

Formed 1972, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Based in Los Angeles, early 70's funk / soul group Creative Source consisted of:

Barbara Berryman

Barbara Lewis

Don Wyatt (b. Donald Lee Wyatt d. 1990)

Steve Flanagan


Celeste Rose

Creative Source were formed and managed by Ron Townsend of the Fifth Dimension.

Ron wanted to experiment as a music agent with the concept of the male-female pop group, very much in the same fashion as the Fifth Dimension.

The Elgins the elgins

Barbara Lewis had previously sung with the Elgins.

Don Wyatt was a member of the Fifties vocal groups, the Fortunes and the Colts (who recorded 'Adorable' on the Vita imprint, 'Sweet Sixteen' on the Plaza imprint and 'Oh, When You Touch Me' for Delco Records).

The Colts the colts in 1957

The Colt's featured vocalists were Don Wyatt and Eddie Williams (formerly of The Aladdins), who had replaced members who had been drafted into the armed forces.

Don had also worked with Nat King Cole.

Creative Source recorded for the Sussex label where they released two albums produced by Michael Stokes.

Creative SourceMigration

creative source - 1973 / migration - 1974

'Creative Source' (released in 1973, including Who Is He And What Is He To You' and 'You Can't Hide Love') and 'Migration' (released in 1974, including 'I Just Can't See Myself Without You' and two cover versions, Carole King's song, 'Corazon', and Bill Withers song, 'Harlem').

Pass The Feelin' OnConsider The Source

pass the feelin' on - 1975 / consider the source - 1976

They then relocated to the Polydor imprint, after Sussex Records folded, for 'Pass The Feeling On' (released in 1975) and 'Consider The Source' (released in 1976).

Both albums were Michael Stokes productions.

After live dates in Los Angeles, Creative Source did tour, and opened for Duke Ellington and B.B. King in Las Vegas.

The group disbanded in 1977.

Don Wyatt died in 1990.

Celeste Rose became a lawyer, and Steve Flanagan relocated to the Netherlands.

Barbara Lewis and Barbara Berryman both continued singing.

Real Player


Creative Source (Sussex Records 1973)

Migration (Sussex Records 1974)

Pass the Feelin' On (Polydor Records 1975)

Consider the Source (Polydor Records 1976)

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