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d train (james williams)

D Train

This U.S. soul group was formed in a Brooklyn, New York high school in the early 80's by:

James 'D Train' Williams (b. Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. - lead vocals)


Hubert Eaves III (b. St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. - keyboards, bass, drums and arrangements)

Attending High School in Brooklyn, New York, the pair began to commence recording at the start of the Eighties.

D-Train earned their nickname from James Williams defensive tactics in the division and city championship football team.

James was a recognised member of the Erasmus High School Choral Club.

Having signed to the Epic / Prelude label, the group found greater success in the U.K. than in America.

James 'D Train' Williams

The duo scored three U.K. Top 30 hits with 'You're The One For Me' (Dance chart number 1 in 1982), 'Music, Part 1' (in 1983 and containing the songs 'Keep Giving Me Love' and 'Are You Ready For Me') and 'You're The One For Me (Remix)' in 1985.

Their own version, of the Dionne Warwick standard 'Walk On By', was highly popular on the U.K. Soul Scene.

D-Train's biggest U.S. hit was the BilIboard R & B Top 5 single 'Something's On Your Mind' in 1983.

The group went their seperate ways in 1985 with James Williams pursuing a solo career.

His three notable hits were 'Misunderstanding' (number 10 in 1986), 'Oh, How I Love You (Girl)' (number 22 in 1987), and 'In Your Eyes' (number 11 in 1988, taken from the album of the same name).

Donald Harrison

In 1994. James appearred on the Donald Harrison project 'The Power Of Cool', singing along with ex Atlantic Starr vocalist Sharon Bryant, on their cover of the Teddy Pendergrass classic, 'Close The Door'.

In 2001, his vocals graced Bob Sinclair's album 'Champs Elysees' on the track 'Darlin'.

A new album was due in 2001 entitled '701 Franklin Avenue', however, the project was shelved as James thought the project required further work.

Vanessa Williams

His latest work can be found as a singer on the latest Vanessa Williams project 'Everlasting Love'.

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James 'D Train' Williams

Real Player


D-Train (Prelude Records 1982)

Music (Prelude Records 1983)

Something's On Your Mind (Prelude Records 1984)

You're The One For Me (Prelude Records 1985)

solo: James Williams:

Miracles Of The Heart (Columbia Records 1986)

In Your Eyes (Columbia Records 1988)

701 Franklin Avenue (Diesel Music Records 2001)

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