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Formed in London in 1991

D-Influence comprise:

Sarah Anne Webb (vocalist)

Ed Baden-Powell (guitarist and keyboardist)

Kwame Kwaten (keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist)


Steve Marston (drummer and multi instrumentalist).

D'Influence are a British R&B production team.

The group set up and run their oan imprint, Freakstreet Records.

As a production team, they have collaborated with several U.K. R&B artists, including, Mark Morrison, Shola Ama and Ultra Naté.


good 4 we - 1992 / prayer 4 unity - 1995 / london - 1997 / d-vas - 2002

They have also worked with artists outside the U.K., who include Jay-Z and Björk.

D'Influence have released amterial as a group in their own right.

These included the hits 'Hypnotise' (number 33 in 1997) and 'Rock With You' (number 30 in 1998).

Real Player


Good 4 We (East West Records 1992)

Prayer 4 Unity (East West Records 1995)

London (Echo Records 1997)

D-Vas (D'Influence Records 2002)

D'Influence Presents D-Vas After Hours (D'Influence Records 2004)

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