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the dazz band

The Dazz Band

Formed in1977 in Cleveland, Ohio by Bobby Harris.

The Dazz Band comprised of (at various times):

Robert Lamont Harris (saxophone)

Sennie Skip Martin III (trumpet)

Pierre Antoine DeMudd (horns/vocals)

Herbert Eric Fearman (guitar)

Michael Nelson Wiley (bass) (d. 1990's, U.S.A.)

Isaac Wiley Jnr. (drums)

Kevin Lloyd Kendrick (keyboards)

Marlon Lamont McClain

Juan Lively

Nathaniel Phillips (bass)

Jerry Bell

Steve Cox (synths)

Keith D. Harrison

Terry Denard Stanton (b. 1965, U.S.A. d. 26th March 2006, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)

Derrick Murdock

Michael J. Calhoun


Kenny Wayne Pettus (percussion)

The group were formed from two groups., namely Bell Telefunk and Mother Braintree.

Also known as Kinsman Dazz.

The Dazz BandThe Dazz BandThe Dazz BandThe Dazz Band

invitation to love - 1980 / let the music play - 1981 / on the one - 1982 / keep it live - 1982

The Dazz BandThe Dazz BandThe Dazz BandThe Dazz Band

joystick - 1983 / jukebox - 1984 / hotspot - 1985 / wild and free - 1986

The Dazz BandThe Dazz BandThe Dazz BandThe Dazz Band

rock the room - 1988 / under the streetlights - 1995 / double exposure - 1997 / here we go again - 1998

The Dazz Band

Terry Denard Stanton terry denard stanton

image courtesy of Ismo Tenkanen (Soul Express website)

Real Player


Invitation To Love (Motown Records 1980)

Let The Music Play (Motown Records 1981)

Keep It Live (Motown Records 1982)

On The One (Motown Records 1983)

Joystick (Motown Records 1983)

Jukebox (Motown Records 1984)

Hot Spot (Motown Records 1985)

Wild And Free (Geffen Records 1986)

Rock The Room (RCA Records 1988)

Under The Streetlights (Lucky Records 1996)

Here We Go Again (Intersound Records Records 1998)

Time Traveller (Major Hits Records 2001)

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