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dee clark

Dee Clark

b. Delectus Clark, 7th November 1938, Blytheville, Arkansas, U.S.A.

d. 7th December 1990, Smyma, Georgia, U.S.A.

Dee Clark passed away from a heart attack in 1990. He was 52.

Dee ClarkDee ClarkDee ClarkDee Clark

dee clark - 1959 / how about that - 1959 / you're looking good - 1960 / hold on, it's dee clark - 1961

Dee Clark

wondering - 1968

Real Player


Dee Clark (Abner Records 1959)

How About That (Abner Records 1959)

You're Looking Good (Vee Jay Records 1960)

Hold On, It's Dee Clark (Vee Jay Records 1961)

Wondering (Vee Jay Records 1968)

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