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eddie russ

Eddie Russ

b. Edward Russ, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Eddie Russ is a keyboard player from Pittsburgh.

In the Sixties and early Seventies, he worked with many jazz greats including Benny Golson, Sarah Vaughn, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie.

During this period he formed his own group called 'The Mixed Bag'.

Eddie RussEddie RussEddie RussEddie Russ

eddie russ - fresh out (2 versions) - 1974 / see the light - 1976 / take a look at yourself - 1977

The band recorded an album entitled 'Fresh Out' which was released on the Jazz Masters label and featured the popular 'Lope Song'.

Whilst at this label, Eddie recorded two albums with the jazz musician, Sonny Stitt.

These were entitled 'Tornado' (in 1974) and 'A Brand New Bag' (in 1975).

In 1976, Eddie moved to the Monument label, which was an outlet for CBS Records.

Here he recorded the album 'See The Light', in 1976, which included 'Zaius', a track that became a jazz funk classic.

The album also featured 'Tomorrow Is Another Day', which was another popular tune.

The follow-up album, also recorded for the Monument label in 1978, was entitled 'Take A Look At Yourself'.

Eddie RussEddie Russ

Real Player


Fresh Out (Jazz Masters/Soul Jazz Records 1974)

See the Light (Monument Records 1976)

Take a Look at Yourself (Monument Records 1978)

Live at Blue Lake, Vol. 2 (VMK Records 1995)

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