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eighties ladies

Eighties Ladies

The Eighties Ladies comprised of:

Sylvia Striplin

Susan Beaubian

Marva D. Hicks

Vivian D. Prince


Denie Corbett

The Eighties Ladies were a group instigated by Roy Ayers.

The Eighties Ladies featured the lead vocals of Sylvia Striplin on their one album for Roy's Uno Melodic label.

'Ladies Of The Eighties' (1980), including the rare groove dancer, 'Turned On To You'.

On the album, Roy Ayers produced and wrote all bar one of the eight tracks on show.

Sylvia Striplin and Marva Hicks too up solo careers after this release, Sylvia releasing 'Give Me Your Love' and Marva releasing a solo album in 1991.

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Ladies Of The Eighties (Uno Melodic Records 1980)

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