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elaine stepter

Elaine Stepter

b. Elaine Stepter, 26th July, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Los Angeles born and bred, Elaine Stepter first came to the attention of U.K. soul fans via her single, 'The Sweetness Of Your Love', released on the, Miami based, Never Stop Productions label in 1990.

Growing up in Los Angeles, she found an interest in music at an early age.

Forming the trio 'Sweet Taste Of Perfection' in Junior High School, Elaine developed her skills as a vocalist.

She moved on to the Eubanks Conservatory of Music to study piano and further develop her vocal skills.

Elaine's first single was entitled 'Promises'.

She also became the editor and columnist for the Black Radio Exclusive Magazine, however, it was the musical side of her skills that became prominent.

A second single entitled 'I'll Always Be A Part Of You', followed.

A third, 'The Sweetness Of Your Love', was a track released from her first album.

Elaine, also, contributed to the movie soundtrack to the film 'Meteor Man' in 1993, weighing in with the excellent 'Good Love'.

She has collaborated, additionally, with various artists including Coolio, Young MC (background vocals on 'Ain't Going out Like That '), West Side Connection and Jennifer Holliday.

A second album followed in 2001, entitled, 'Soulfully Inspired' for the The Eee Project Records imprint.

In 2003, Elaine is working on a new album entitled 'The Woman I Am'.

She is, also, the current lead singer for the group Rose Royce.

She is also a good friend of the veteran soul singer Garland Green. can check Elaine's website, right here...

...or you can pick up a copy of 'Soulfully Inspired', right here...

The Woman I Am The Woman I Am

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Elaine Stepter (1800 Records 1990)

Soulfully Inspired (The Eee Project Records 2001)

The Woman I Am (The Eee Project Records 2007)

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