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Elusion comprised of:

Limon Wilson (lead vocals)

Joe Williams (vocals)


Daryll Jackson (vocals)

supported by:

Alvin Fields (background vocals)

Michael Zager (vocal arrangements/synth's/producer)

Elusion Zager (vocal arrangements/synth's/producer)

Ronnie Cuber (tenor sax)

Peter Cannazzori (synth programming)

John Gatchell (trumpet)

Jerry Love (executive producer for both albums)


Jimmy Maelen (percussion)

Elusion were a three piece group, who released two albums in the early Eighties.

Their debut album 'All Toys Break', from 1981, includes their biggest hit 'All Toys Break' along with 'When The Bell Rings' on the Atlantic Record Label.

For the first album Limon's name was spelt 'Lymon', however, the spelling changed for the follow up.


all toys break - 1981 / show and tell - 1982

In 1982, then they released 'Show And Tell' in 1982 for the Cotillion Record label.

Both albums were produced by Jerry Love and arranged by Alvin Fields and Michael Zager.

Following these releases the group disappearred from the scene.

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All Toys Break (Atlantic Records 1981)

Show And Tell (Cotillion Records 1982)

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