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five satins

The Five Satins

The Five Satins were formed in New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A, in 1955.

The group consisted of:

Fred Parris (lead vocalist)

Al Derby

Ed Martin (bass vocalist)

Jim Freeman


Jessie Murphy (pianist)

The Five Satins are best known for the Doo Wop, 1956 evergreen, 'In the Still of the Night'.

The Five SatinsThe Five SatinsThe Five SatinsThe Five Satins

the 5 satins sing - 1957 / encore - 1961 / fred parris and the satins - 1982 / in the still of the nite - 1990

Real Player


The Five Satins Sing (Ember Records 1957)

Encore, Volume 2 (Ember Records 1960)

Fred Parris and the Satins (Elektra Records 1982)

In the Still of the Night (Relic Records 1990)

Lost Treasures (Relic Records 1995)

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