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five special

Five Special

Formed 1978 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Disbanded 1981.

Five Special comprised of:

Bryan Banks

Greg Finley

Steve Harris

Steve Boyd


Mike Petillo

This Detroit vocal group included lead singer Bryan Banks, the brother of the Dramatics' Ron Banks.

Five Special

Five Special had a promising start to their careers in 1979, as their Elektra single 'Why Leave Us Alone' made it to number nine on the R & B charts.

It was their lone big hit.

Two other singles just made the R & B Top 30, and they disbanded after the release of their second album 'Special Edition'.

The album was produced by Ron Banks, Bryan's brother and contained a track penned by the late Garry Glenn entitled 'Why Not Be Mine For A While'.

Wayne Henderson worked on the project in a role as Executive Producer.


A third album, entitled 'Trak'n' was released in 1981, which contained the songs 'Now and Then' and 'Spread Love (All Over The World)'.

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Five Special (Elektra Records 1979)

Special Edition (Elektra Records 1980)

Trak'n (Elektra Records 1981)

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