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the g-clefs

The G-Clefs

The G-Clefs comprised of:

Theodore 'Teddy 'Scott (Baritone) (b. 1936 d. 27th October 2018, Arlington, U.S.A.)

Chris Scott (Second tenor) (b. 1937)

Tim 'Payme' Scott (Baritone/Bass/guitar) (b. 1938)

Ilanga Scott (b. 1940)

Joe Jordan (Bass)


Ray Gibson (First tenor) (b. 1937)

The G-Clefs all hailed from Roxbury, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

The G-Clefs were formed in 1952, in Roxbury, Massachusetts, as the Bob-O-Links.

The lineup comprised of the four Scott brothers (Teddy, Chris, Timmy, and Arnold), along with their next-door neighbor Ray Gibson.

The group also featured Robert Joseph (Joe) Jordan.

'I Understand' the G-Clefs was a cover of a Four Tunes song, which went to number 9 in the U.S. and number 17 in the U.K., where it was released on the London imprint.

The also had a hit with 'A Girl Has To Know', which reached number 81 in 1962.

The G-Clefs

g-clefs on stage - 1967

The group continued to play locally (around Boston) into the 2000's.

Theodore 'Teddy' Scott passed away in 2018.

Real Player


G-Clefs On Stage (Spolite Records 1967)

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