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gary's gang

Gary's Gang

Formed in Queens, New York, U.S.A.

Gary's Gang comprised of:

Gary Turnier - drums/vocals

Eric Matthew (Joe Tucci) - guitar/lead vocals

Jay Leon - trombone

Bob Forman - sax/flute

Rino Minetti - keyboards/vocals

Al Lauricella - keyboards

Bill Catalano - percussion/vocals

The brainchild of Eric Matthew (real name Joe Tucci) and Gary Turnier, in New York, Gary's Gang were a small group of musicians who recorded live in a garage at the back of Eric's house.

The writing and production chores were handled, jointly, by Joe and Gary.

It was here they made their debut single 'Keep On Dancin' which sold half a million copies around the world and was a U.K. Top 10 hit (1978).

The drums were played by Gary Turnier on the song.

It was co-written by Eric Matthew and released in the U.K. by CBS (licenced from Sam Records).

Their CBS follow-up was 'Let's Love Dance Tonight' (U.K. Top 50 in 1979).

In 1982 they returned with 'Knock Me Out' (U.K. Top 50) for Arista before Eric Matthew wrote and produced 'Makin' Music' for the Radar Records label in 1983.

In 1990 'Keep On Dancin' was remixed by Hollywood Impact, and released by BCM Records in the U.K.

Gary Turnier went on to play the drums on 'Love Insurance' by Front Page, and he produced 'The Beat Is Mine' by Vicki D.

Thanks to Bob Forman and Gary Turnier for some of this information.

Gary's Gang

Real Player


Let's Do It Again (Mercury Records 1978)

Gangbusters (Columbia Records 1979)

Keep on Dancin' (Columbia Records 1990)

Dance Party (Unidisc Records 1994)

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