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Gerry DeVaux is Lenny Kravitz's cousin.

In 1996, he recorded an album entitled 'Back To You' in Japan, which remained dormant for 3 years until picked up by the excellent Expansion label in London / Manchester.

The track 'Front Of The Line' made a compilation entitled 'Soul Degrees' which comprised of various projects the talented writer / producer has worked alongside.

'Front Of The Line' cleverly samples George Benson's 'Give Me The Night' track.

Gerry worked with, ex Vertical Hold singer, Angie Stone, whom he utilised within his own band Devox and then moved on to production / arranging / songwriting chores on her highly acclaimed 'Black Diamond' set from 1999.

Gerry has worked alongside musicians writing for artists including, Chaka Khan, Juliet Roberts, Me'Shell N'degeocello, Angie Stone, Vanessa Paradis, Maysa ('Let It Go', later featured on the 'Devox' set), Janita, Eternal and Lenny Kravitz.

He even has unreleased material on Kylie Minogue!

Ralph Tee at Expansion has told me that they have had to withdraw 'Soul Degrees' due to some contractual obligations regarding Angie Stone.

A close friend of mine, Camelle Hinds (ex Central Line / Hindsight), told me he knows Gerry quite well and that he thinks Gerry is an excellent 'ideas' man and is very gifted. High praise indeed.

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Back To You (Sony Japan 1996)

Soul Degrees (Expansion 1999)

Rhythm & Love (Paradise / Spotlight 2000)

Devoted (U.S. Promo 2002)

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