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Glenn Lewis

b. Glenn Lewis, 13th March 1975, Toronto, Canada.

Glenn Lewis was born and raised in Toronto.

He comes from a family as the only child and spent his early years in recording studios with his parents, who were both singers.

His father was the Jamaican born soul singer Glen Ricketts, who was part of the group Crack Of Dawn.

At the age of 14 he began composing melodies, which gave him the impetus for further moves into the music business.

Glenn kept a low profile whilst at Toronto's East Commerce high school moving in all sorts of different social circles.

After performing at a talent show, he was brought to the attention of a wider audience, performing a rendition of Stevie Wonder's hit, 'I Just Called To Say I Love You'.

After graduating from high school, Glenn looked towards the Toronto nightclub scene.

To pay the bills Glenn prepared burgers at McDonald's and sold women's shoes, additionally.

At nightime he moved from club to club making connections and introducing himself to influential people.

These led to Glenn landing a deal with Epic, with the resulting debut set 'World Outside My Window' being released in early 2002.

He has been compared favourably with Stevie Wonder in his vocal stylings, a fact that he is aware of stating: 'I know that our styles are similar. I take it as a compliment. But I'm confident that people will soon accept my voice for what it voice.'

Glenn got to meet Stevie at his L.A. radio station, when Stevie dropped by during an interview and performed an impromtu rendition of the albums first single 'Don't You Forget It'.

The song 'Never Too Late' has a very personal theme, relating to a waning relationship that he tried to prolong.

Glenn states: 'Yes, I've been through things,' says Glenn. 'We all have. But that doesn't mean you give up on love. You just work on it.'

In 2004, he returned with the album 'Back For More'.

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World Outside My Window (Epic 2002)

Back For More (Epic 2004)

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