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gregg diamond

Gregg Diamond

b. Greggry Oliver Diamond, 1949, New York City, New York State, U.S.A.

d. 14th March 1999, U.S.A.

Gregg Diamond was an accomplished songwriter, piano player, drummer and producer.

Based in New York, Gregg emerged in the mid-70's as a producer, initially on the jazz fusion scene with artists including Impact Of Brass on albums including 'IOB' (1977) for Polydor.

During the disco era of the late 70's he produced albums for his groups Star Cruiser and Bionic Boogie.

'Gregg Diamond's Star Cruiser' delivered 'Star Cruiser', including 'Starcruisin' and 'Holding Back' for the Miami-based Marlin label (via TK) in 1978.

The same year 'Gregg Diamond's Bionic Boogie' delivered 'Hot Butterfly', featuring Luther Vandross as lead vocalist on the title song and 'Cream (Always Rises To the Top)'.

'Hot Butterfly' was written by Gregg and later recorded by Chaka Khan on 'Naughty'.

Gregg stayed at Polydor for two further albums, 'Tiger Tiger' (1979) and 'Hardware' (1979).

Gregg also wrote songs for Andrea True Connection, Gloria Gaynor and worked with James Brown.

Sadly, Gregg died from gastrointestinal bleeding in 1999.

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Greg Diamond's Starcruiser (Polydor Records 1979)

Tiger, Tiger (Polydor Records 1979)

Hardware (Polydor Records 1979)

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