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Formed in 1970, Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia, U.S.A.

Guinn comprised of:

Randy Guinn (bass)

Michael Guinn (lead vocals)

Skip Guinn (vocals)

Bonnie Guinn (vocals)

Earl Guinn (guitars)

Marjorie Guinn (vocals)


Lori Fulton (vocals)

Sons and Daughters of Louise and Elgin Guinn, the Guinn family band all hail from Philadelphia with the exception of Lori Fulton whose hometown is Harrisburg.

Lori joined the group in 1985 via a collaboration between the group and their mutual publishing house.

The group had previously worked together as a band since 1970.

The sister members of the group originally working under the name The Passionettes.

Prior to recording one self-titled Motown album as Guinn they recorded some songs as New Experience for the Philly World label.

The groups one Motown album contained the songs 'Dreamin' (later covered by ex. Miss America, Vanessa Williams on her debut album and charting at number 8 on the Pop Charts), 'Open Your Door' and 'People Will Be People'.

Band leader 'Skip' Guinn worked alongside various producers on the project including Bobby Eli and Michael Forte.

Lori Fulton Lori Fulton

Real Player


Guinn (Motown Records 1986)

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