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hattie littles

Hattie Littles

b. Hattie Littles, 1937, Shelby, Mississippi, U.S.A.

d. June 2000, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Hattie Littles was an American soul singer.

She is best remembered for her 1963 single, 'Your Love Is Wonderful', released on Motown's Gordy imprint.

Hattie died from a heart attack in 2000 in Detroit.

Hattie LittlesHattie Littles

the right direction - 1991 / borderline - 1992

Hattie Littles

Real Player


The Right Direction (Motorcity Records 1996)

Borderline (Motorcity Records 1996)

The Very Best of Hattie Littles (Hot Records 1996)

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