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hi tension

Hi Tension

Hi Tension hailed from North London and started as Hott Waxx in the early '70's before becoming Hi-Tension.

The group comprised:

Paul Mclean (lead guitar)

Patrick Mclean (saxophone)

David Reid (drums)

Paul Phillips (rhythm guitar)

David Joseph (keyboards / lead vocals)

Leroy Williams (congo's)

Jeffrey Guishard (percussion)


Ken Joseph (bass guitar)

Hi Tension never made much impact in the U.S., although they were quite successful in Britain.

'Hi-Tension' and 'British Hustle' were big English dance hits in the late '70's.

Their 1978, self titled, album contained the excellent 'Autumn Love', reminiscent of Earth Wind and Fire's, 'That's The Way Of The World'.

They resurfaced with an altered lineup in the mid-'80's on Streetwave.

David Joseph later left the group.

In 1984 Ken, Leroy and Jeff returned as Hi-Tension on Streetwave Records and released 'Rat Race' in 1984, and 'You Make Me Happy' in 1985.

Hi Tension mayday 1978

Real Player


Hi Tension (Island Records 1978)

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