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hollywood flames

Hollywood FlamestHE fLAMES

Earl Nelson, David Ford, Eddie Williams and Ray Brewster

The Hollywood Flames (1948 - 1959), at varying times, consisted of:

Founding member: Bobby Day (a.k.a. Robert James Byrd Snr. b. 1st July 1930, Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.. d. 27th July 1990, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)

Earl Nelson (a.k.a. Earl Lee Nelson, b. 8th September 1928, Lake Charles, Louisiana, U.S.A.)

David Ford

Ray Brewster

Eddie Williams

Curlee Dinkins


Curtis Williams

The Hollywood Flames were formed as the Flames in 1948.

They were also known as the Four Flames, Hollywood Four Flames, the Jets, the Ebbtides and the Satellites during their various incarnations.

The group recorded for various imprints including Hollywood, Specialty, Lucky, Swingtime, Money, amongst others

Bob & EarlBob & Earl bob & earl

In 1955, Bobby Day and Earl Nelson had already recorded together as The Voices and from 1957 onwards had recorded as Bob & Earl.

The Hollywood Flames 1957 hit 'Buzz, Buzz, Buzz', was perhaps the group's highpoint and became their biggest hit under the Hollywood Flames name.

'Buzz, Buzz, Buzz' was released on Ebb Records, owned by Lee Rupe, wife of Specialty Records owner Art Rupe.

The song reached number 11 in the U.S. pop charts and number 5 on the R & B charts.

Released in November 1957, the single spent 17 weeks in the charts.

Lead vocal chores fell on the shoulders of Earl Nelson.

Earl also recorded as Jackie Lee and as half of Bob And Earl.

The song was written by one founding member Bobby Byrd.

Bobby also enjoyed a solo career as Bobby Day recording the songs 'Over & Over Again' and 'Rockin' Robin' (Number 2 in 1958), later made famous by the singer Michael Jackson.

He recorded the songs under the group name of Bobby Day & The Satellites.

The other founding members included David Ford and baritone Curtis Williams, co-writer of the hit 'Earth Angel' and a former member of the group that recorded it, the Penguins.

Recorded between 1952 and 1959, other sides included:

'Wheel of Fortune', 'Later', 'Tabarin', 'W-I-N-E', 'My Confession', 'The Sound of Your Voice', 'Crazy', 'Ooh Baby Ooh', 'This Heart of Mine', 'A Little Bird', 'Give Me Back My Heart', 'Two Little Bees', 'It's Love', 'Your Love', 'Frankenstein's Den', 'Strollin' on the Beach', 'Chains of Love','Let's Talk It Over', 'A Star Fell', 'I'll Get By', 'Just for You', 'I'll Be Seeing You', 'There Is Something on Your Mind', 'So Good', 'Romance in the Dark' and 'Much Too Much'.

Follow-up singles were issued under Day's name, but by 1959 Ebb had gone out of business.

The group continued to record with various personnel for several years.

Bobby Day died on 27th July 1990 from cancer, in Los Angeles and was survived by his wife, Jackie, and four children.

Curlee Dinkins was an original member and is the sole surviving member of the band.

Curlee is alive and well, living in Riverside, California (U.S.A.).

He is still performing Jazz and R & B and has a CD out entitled 'As Good As It Gets'.

Hollywood FlamesCurlee Dinkins

hollywood flames & curlee dinkins

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The Hollywood Flames (Specialty Records 1992)

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