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Ingram are a family group from Camden, New Jersey, U.S.A.

The group comprised of:

Norman 'Butch' Ingram (bass & trumpet)

James 'Jimmy' Ingram (vocals / keyboards / sax / flute / principal songwriter-not to be confused with Quest recording artist James Ingram)

Barbara Ingram (also a top session singer)

Billy Ingram (guitar / bass / trombone)

John Ingram (drums / lead vocals / tuba)

Timmy Ingram (drums / percussion / trumpet)

Francis Ingram (vocals)

Edith Ingram (vocals)


Virginia Ingram (vocals)

Ingram were officially launched after lead member Norman 'Butch' Ingram was forced to give up a professional basketball career after an accident.

The band, prior to Butch's accident, had been a group called The Ecstasies.

All the family were encouraged to study music by their minister father who also was a DJ on WIMR in Philadelphia.

Ingram KingdomThat's All

Butch taught himself the bass, acquired some recording equipment and put the family to work on their first album 'Ingram's Kingdom'.

When it sold 25,000 copies they signed to H & L the following year for their second album 'That's All' in 1977.

The album featured an instrumental 'Mi Sabrina Tequana' which became a cult dance record on the U.K.'s underground soul scene.

H & L went out of business, but the name Ingram was tied up contractually for two years, preventing the group from using it.

Around the same time Butch Ingram began work producing an album for Philly Cream, but the group split up before the album was finished.

Ingram stepped in to finish it off, and adopted the name for the album later released by WMOT Records.

Ingram continued to record as Philly Cream after the first album, and in 1979 had an American hit with 'Motown Review'.

They also worked as a studio group with The Stylistics, Blue Magic, Barbara Mason, David Simmons, the late Brandi Wells and Ronnie Dyson.

Would You Like To Fly?Night Stalkers

In 1983, they recorded as Ingram once again, releasing 'Would You Like To Fly', including 'Smoothin' Groovin' (UK Top 75) and 'DJ's Delight' on the Mirage label (via Streetwave in the UK).

Their follow-up was 'Night Stalkers' for the Other End imprint in 1984.

In 1985 James Ingram produced The Sweethearts, while John released a solo single debut 'Can I Take You Home Tonight'.

Butch returned to basketball, however, this time as the Assistant Basketball Coach for Camden County College.

Real Player


The Ingram Kingdom (Nashboro Records 1976)

That's All (H & L Records 1977)

Would You Like To Fly (Mirage Records 1983)

Night Stalkers (Mirage Records 1985)

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