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jaki graham

Jaki Graham

b. Jacqueline Graham, 15th September 1956, Birmingham, England.

From Birmingham, U.K., Jaki sang with the groups, Ferrari, Medium Wave and UB40.

Her solo hits included 'Round and Around' (U.K. Number 9), 'Set Me Free' (U.K. Number 7), 'Step Right Up' (U.K. Number 15) and 'Breaking Away' (U.K. Number 16).

She recorded with the U.K. singer, David Grant on the songs 'Could It Be I'm Falling in Love' (U.K. Number 5), and 'Mated' (U.K. Number 20).

Jaki GrahamJaki GrahamJaki GrahamJaki Graham

heaven knows - 1985 / breaking away - 1986 / from now on - 1989 / real life - 1994

Jaki GrahamJaki GrahamJaki GrahamJaki Graham

hold on - 1995 / rhythm of life - 1996 / don't keep me waiting - 1997 / my life - 1998

Real Player


Heaven Knows (EMI Records 1985)

Breaking Away (EMI Records 1986)

From Now On (EMI Records 1989)

Real Life (BMG Records 1994)

Hold On (BMG Records 1995)

Rhythm Of Life (BMG Records 1996)

Don't Keep Me Waiting (WEA Records 1997)

My Life (Phantom Records 1998)

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