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From Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Jamm comprised of:

Freddy Boy (lead vocals)


Keecho (keyboards)

From Los Angeles, duo Freddy Boy and Keecho were signed to Epic Records in 1988 for their debut album 'Jamm'.

The album contained the track 'You & Me', which was big on many of the 'quiet storm' radio stations.

Featured on the album was, ex Cameo member, Charlie Singleton.

With the success of the first album, Epic Records recorded a follow up set called 'I Want', which was less successful.

The duo then moved to On Point Records (a subsidiary of Island Records) a year later for the highly popular 'I Promise'.

The album's title track was highly popular in the U.K. along with 'You Give Good Love'.

The set showcased the more soulful side of the groups sound and featured artistic input from Kipper Jones (ex Tease), Gerald Albright, Paul Jackson Jnr and, inevitably, Paulinho Da Costa!

Jamm have not released any further material since that release.

Real Player


Jamm (Epic Records 1988)

I Want (Epic Records 1990)

I Promise (On Point Records 1991)

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