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jay and the techniques

Jay & The Techniques

Formed in Allentown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

The group featured:

Jay Proctor: Lead vocalist and primary founder of the group

George ‘Lucky’ Lloyd: Second vocalist

Dante Dancho: Lead guitar

Chuck Crowl: Bass guitar

Karl Landis Lippowitsch: Drums (was replaced by Paul Coles, Jr.)

Ronnie Goosley: Saxophone


Jon Walsh: Trumpet (was replaced by Danny Altieri)

Inter-racial group from Pennsylvania, whose biggest hits are 'Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie' (in 1967) and 'Keep The Ball Rolling' (also in 1967).

Both singles sold over than one million copies.

Jay & The TechniquesJay & The Techniques

apple, peaches, pumpkin pie - 1966 / keep the ball rollin' - 1967

Jay & The Techniques

love, lost and found - 1968

Real Player


Apples, Peaches & Pumpkin Pie (Smash Records 1966)

Keep The Ball Rollin' (Philips Records 1967)

Love, Lost & Found (Smash Records 1968)

The Best of Jay and the Techniques (Mercury Records 1995)

Main Course (Forever More Records 1998)

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