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jay w. mcgee

Jay W McGee

b. Jay W. McGee, 1950, Lumberton, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Born in Lumberton, North Carolina, Jay reloacted to Flint, Michigan in 1968, before another relocation saw him travel to Toronto in Canada in 1974.

Jay began singing in church when he was a child.

His father was also a singer.

Jay recorded a gospel song entitled 'When You Sang My Song' at this time.

He lived near a Fort Bragg army base, where he sang for the troops in various bands.

Jay W McGeeJay W McGee

turn me on b/w your love' / over & over - 1982

Jay performed with groups including Salongo and Crack Of Dawn, prior to his solo debut, 'Turn Me On b/w 'Your Love' for Love I Productions in 1980.

1982 saw the release of the dancer, 'When We Party' (later featured on an album entitled 'Over And Over' on Scorpio Records).

In 1988, he released the album 'Survivor' on Quantum Records, out of Toronto.

Jay was invited to sing on Top Of The Pops at the time, as a result of the tracks success.

Whilst he resided in Canada, Jay sang with a group The Executives.

Jay left Canada in 2001, returning to Flint.

Jay W McGeeJay W McGee

survivor - 1988 / good feeling - 2015

In 2015, Jay released the album 'Good Feeling', which was, in turn, was followed by 'Smooth Cruisin' in 2020.

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Over & Over (Scorpio Records 1982)

Survivor (Quantum Records 1988)

Good Feeling (Jay W McGee Records 2015)

Smooth Cruisin' (Jay W McGee Records 2020)

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