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b. Jeffrey Perry, U.S.A.

Jeff Perry was born into a musical background.

His brothers include Greg Perry and his manager Leonard Perry.

In 1975 he signed to Arista where his first single was 'Love Don't Come No Stronger', which became a cult hit on the U.K. soul scene, covered by UK blue-eyed soul singer, Tony Stone.

His follow up record was entitled 'Honest Baby (You're My Perfect Lady)' in 1976.

He then moved on from Arista to MCA where he recorded one album simply entitled 'Jeffree'.

This album has now become a much sought after album and contains the rare grooves 'Mr. Fixit' and 'Love's Gonna Last'.

Nothing much was heard from Perry until an album surfaced in 1996 entitled 'Call It Love'.

This album contained new material as well as earlier tracks from the previous decades.

Real Player


Jeffree (MCA Records 1979)

Call It Love (Creative Outlet International Records 1996)

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