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keith washington

Keith Washington

b. Keith Washington, 15th November 1960, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Keith Washington hails from Detroit and is one member of a large family. He, actually, has 17 brothers and sisters!

He is among the up-and-coming ballad stylists in the '90's Urban Contemporary generation.

Signed to Quincy Jones Qwest label, Washington rode to fame with his 1991 LP 'Make Time for Love'. The album was enormously popular on the British soul scene.

The song 'Kissing You' was an R & B smash, and later was heard as background music on an NBC soap opera.

The album had various producers including Barry J. Eastmond, Paul Laurence and Washington himself.

Washington issued the follow-up LP 'You Make It Easy' in 1993, the title track being very popular. The album featured production chores by George Duke and Gerald LeVert.

After a lengthy absence, he resurfaced in 1998 with KW.

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Make Time for Love (Qwest Records 1991)

You Make It Easy (Qwest Records 1993)

KW (MCA Records 1998)

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