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keni stevens

Keni Stevens

b. Keni Stevens, England

British born singer Keni Stevens is the son of a U.S. serviceman and began his career as lead singer of the group Raw Energy in the rnid-70's.

He also worked as a session singer with artists including Marianne Faithfull and Eddy Grant before signing to the Elite label as a solo artist in 1985.

He recorded 'Night Moves' (1985) and 'Blue Moods' (1987) before a switch to Debut Records for 'You' (1988) and 'Living On The Edge' (1989).

Keni Stevens keni stevens 2006

Real Player


Blue Moods (Elite Records 1987)

You (Debut Records 1988)

Living On The Edge (Debut Records 1989)

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