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From Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Klique comprised of:

Howard Huntsberry (vocals, drums and percussions)

Deborah Hunter (vocals and percussions)


Isaac Suthers (vocals, synthesisers and keyboards)

Klique were an Eighties, Los Angeles based soul trio.

The group were signed to MCA Records in the early 80's.

Their albums included 'Let's Wear It Out' (1982), including 'I Can't Get Enough', and 'Love Cycles' (1985), including the Ronnie McNeir / Renaldo Benson penned / produced 'Ain't Nothing Better'.

Howard later signed to MCA as a solo artist where in 1988 he recorded 'With Love', containing the single 'Sleepless Weekend'.

Real Player


It's Winning Time (MCA Records 1981)

Let's Wear It Out (MCA Records 1982)

Try It Out (MCA Records 1983)

Love Cycles (MCA Records 1985)

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