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kloud 9

Kloud 9

Kloud 9 comprise of:

Kelvis Duffie (b. 29th August, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)


Kendall Duffie (b. 29th August, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.)

Kelvis and Kendall Duffie are both twin vocalists, arrangers and songwriters based in Nashville Tennessee.

Prior to their six year residence in Nashville, the pair were born in Chicago, Illinois and grew up in Denver, Colorado.

Their mother was a church musician, who took the twins to church fete's and talent shows at an early age.

Later relocating to Nashville, they decided to to further their careers within Nashville's flourishing gospel scene.

They had their first musical experiences, within the business, after teaming up with the late Jerry Weaver.

Weaver had heard a demo by the twins and told them that the pair had the right credentials to progress within the music business.

Kendall and Kelvis have been writing, arranging and performing, within the genre, since 1987.

Apart from working within the gospel field, Kelvis and Kendall have been involved with various radio promotions and artistic development and production.

Influenced by the likes of Patrice Rushen, The S.O.S. Band, Earth, Wind And Fire, The Isley Brothers and The Whispers, Kelvis and Kendall opened for other gospel acts including Commissioned (a group the pair had known since the Eighties).

The duo have also performed with the group Take Six and BeBe And CeCe Winans.

In 1999, Kendall lived in London for a while, where he struck up a relationship with Bluey from UK soul band Incognito.

It was at this time that Kendall took some demo tapes into Expansion Records for Ralph Tee, who was impressed by the songs and suggested that the pair complete a tune called 'Make You Mine' for one of the label's 'Soul Steppin' compilations.

The relationship blossomed and an album was to follow.

Kendall relocated back to the U.S. and a phone call followed from Bluey who had a tune that he wanted the pair to arrange and sing on.

The fruition of their labours, 'Promise' is featured on the debut album.

With a background stretching back 15 years, the duo were able, additionally, to call together many well known soul and jazz artists for their first album outing, including Kirk Whalum (who is a Nasville resident) and singer Karen Bernod.

'On Kloud 9', was critically acclaimed by the soul fraternity both sides of the Atlantic and received extensive airplay.

Kloud 9 differ from many of their contemporaries.

Their harmonies are tight, melodic and well delivered.

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On Kloud 9Kloud 9

Real Player


On Kloud 9 (Expansion Records 2002)

Yearning To Love (Expansion Records 2005)

Enjoy The Ride (Expansion Records 2008)

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