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knight brothers

Knight Brothers

photo courtesy of pruter collection and ace records

The Knight Brothers comprised of:

Richard Dunbar (b. 31st May 1939, U.S.A.)


Jimmy Diggs (a.k.a James Leon Diggs. b. 11th October, 1938, U.S.A.)

The Knight Brothers were an R & B duo from Washington, DC, U.S.A.

The duo consisted of of Richard Dunbar and Jimmy Diggs.

The Knight Brothers, respectively, started singing as youngsters in their local church choirs, Richard Dunbar at the age of six in the choir of the Bibleway Church in Washington D.C. and Jimmy Diggs at the age of seven in the Masadonia Baptist Church in Edgerville, South Carolina, where he lived with his grandmother.

Jimmy relocated to Washington at the age of 13 and a year later met Richard.

The pair then formed the singing group called the Starfires, a doo wop group who achieved some success in the mid Fifties.

Jimmy composed some of the material which was recorded by the group for the U.S. Decca imprint during 1958.

Jimmy Diggs also recorded with the Chess based Argo imprint with the group The Carltons during 1964 and 1965.

The pair reflected an emergence of a new style of R & B music in the early 1960's.

They began recording for the Checker label in 1963, moving to Mercury for a short period which included the single 'Tried So Hard To Please Her' in 1968.

Their one hit was 'Temptation 'Bout To Get Me', which was a number 12 R & B and number 70 pop hit in 1965, for Chess Records.

I'm Never Gonna Live It Down I'm Never Gonna Live It Down

The pairing also had a hit with 'I'm Never Gonna Live It Down' for the Checker label the same year.

Another single, 1966's 'The Hand of Faith,' was released but was less successful.

The duo relocated to Mercury for two singles produced by Jerry Butler's Fountain Productions.

Jimmy Diggs', 'You're My Love' was released in 1967, however, the association ended in 1968 with the final single 'Tried So Hard to Please Her.'

Richard Dunbar went on to sing with a revived version of the group, the Orioles, during the 70's and 80's whilst Jimmy ended his recording career.

'Tried So Hard To Please Her' and 'I'm Never Gonna Live It Down' were released on an Ace Records compilation entitled 'Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 1' in 2001.

The Knight Brothers material, also appears on the compilations, 'Chess Soul: A Decade of Chicago's Finest' in 1997, 'Chess Uptown Soul' in 1997 and 'Best of Chess Vocal Groups' from 1987.

Richard Dunbar still resides in New York, whilst Jimmy Diggs is performing again.

Jimmy DiggsJimmy Diggs

jimmy diggs in concert 2004 - photo courtesy of Prue Faxon

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Temptation 'Bout To Get Me (Japanese P-Vine Records 1987)

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