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Krystol comprised of:

Karon Floyd

Robyrda Stiger

Tina Scott


Robbie Danzie

From Los Angeles, Krystol originally formed at high school as a group called Crystal Blue.

After playing several local gigs the group disbanded although still kept in touch with each other.

On a social night out, the girls met producer Leon Sylvers at a hamburger stall and struck up a friendship.

Leon helped secure Krystol a record deal with Epic in 1984 and was brought in to produce the first album.

Prior to this they had worked on individual projects, Roberta becoming a member of Alton, McClain & Destiny after an audition she had heard about through a member of the group Lakeside.

Their debut album was entitled 'Gettin'Ready' which included the dancer 'After The Dance Through', a huge club record through 1984-5 although not a hit in the UK.

The follow-up set 'Talk Of The Town' was released in 1985 and featured 'The Things That Men Do' and 'Passion For A Woman'.

Robbie Danzie, who was initially recruited as a stand-in for Floyd during her maternity leave in 1985, became sole lead vocalist on that project.

The groups third album 'I Suggest You Don't Let Go' was released in 1989 and included songs and by Leon Ware (including 'Just Don't Make it Hurt') and Craig T. Cooper.

That set was less successful and the group were dropped from Epic's roster, but remained active in the industry touring overseas and continuing to write.

Robbie Danzie released a solo album in the U.K. entitled 'Love (Undeniable)' for the Expansion Records label.

'Love (Undeniable)' was later issued in the U.S. re-titled 'Only You'.

Real Player


Gettin' Ready (Epic Records 1984)

Talk of the Town (Epic Records 1985)

Passion From a Woman (Epic Records 1986)

I Suggest You Don't Let Go (Epic Records 1989)

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