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l.a. boppers

L.A. Boppers

Formed in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

The L.A. Bopper comprised of (at various times):

Vance 'Mad Dog' Tenort (percussion / vocals)

John 'Iron Lips' Ervin (trombone / flute)

Dave 'The Groover' Grover (trumpet / flugelhorn / baritone horn / slide trumpet)

Stan 'Be-Bop' Martin (trumpet / flugelhorn)

Bob 'The Professor' Greve (tenor / soprano / baritone sax / flute / bass clarinet)

Chuck 'The German' Brooke (tenor / alto sax / flute)

Kevin 'Shake Your Booty' Davis (keyboards / vocals / yamaha electric piano)

Ed 'Funky Fingers' Luna (guitar / vocals)

Ed 'Funky Thumbs' Reddick Jnr. (bass / vocals)

Kenny Styles (guitar)

Michael Stanton (keyboards)

Dean Gant (keyboards)

Gerry Davis (drums)

Scott Martin (alto sax)

Chuck Brook (alto sax)

Andy Martin (trombone)

Steve Madaio (trumpet) (b. Steven Peter Madaio, 18th July 1948, New York City, New York, U.S.A. d. 15th January 2019, Palm Desert, California, U.S.A.)

Greg Prechel (trumpet)

Richard Bullock (bass trombone)


Robert 'The Popper' Griffin (drums / vocals)

The L.A. Boppers began as Side Effect's backup band in Los Angeles, but in the early '80's found limited success on their own.

The L.A. Boppers were originally formed by Augie Johnson (and his At Home Productions set up).

The BoppersL.A. Boppers

the boppers - 1978 / l.a. boppers - 1980

Bop Time!Make Mine Bop!

bop time! - 1981 / make mine bop! - 1982

Originally just known as the Boppers for their first Fantasy outing in 1978 (including 'Somethings Missing'), they recorded, additionally, for both Mercury and MCA from 1980 until 1982.

1980 saw the release of 'The L.A. Boppers', following a band name change, which included the popular 'Watching Life'.

The album enjoyed the vocal input of Miki Howard.

There followed 'Bop Time' in 1981 and 'Make Mine Bop' in 1982.

They enjoyed one Top 30 R & B single, 'Is This The Best (Bop-Doo-Wah)', in 1980.

Vance Tenorts distinctive vocals have been absent from the music scene since 1982, apart from a brief stint on backing vocals for Yasuko Agawa on her 'Gravy' LP in 1984.

Vance sung background vocals on the track 'L.A. Nights'.

Vance Tenort vance tenort 2006

He is currently working for Ford Cosworth Racing and is still producing and writing music.

Vance has recently played with the Beastie Boys.

L.A. Boppers

You can check Vance Tenort's Myspace website here:

L.A. Boppers

Real Player


The Boppers (Fantasy Records 1978)

L.A. Boppers (Mercury Records 1980)

Bop Time (Mercury Records 1981)

Make Mine Bop (MCA Records 1982)

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