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l.r. superstars

L.R. Superstars

The L.R. Superstars comprised of:

Albert L. Smith Sr

Albert L. Smith Jnr

Tomaro Coleman


Sid Hill

The L.R. Superstars hail from Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.

The group first came to the attention of U.K. soul fans in 1989, when an odd twelve inch single arrived in the stores entitled 'I Just Can't Say It'.

The song was recorded for the Starstream Records label and was stamped with a 'Budweiser Showdown' logo.

The track had been recorded as part of an event for over 10,000 musicians in order to get their music heard on several local radio stations in 1987.

The winners would get their tunes pressed and played on these stations and this was the fifth annual event of it's kind.

One such winner was a group called The Superstars (as they were originally known), from Little Rock, and their track was pressed on one side of the single (another artist appearred on the flip).

The success of the song led to a record deal in the U.K. for the Rare Grooves label in 1990.

An album was released that year entitled 'Sayin' It', which contained the single and several new compositions and was recorded in their home town.

Little was heard of the group after this release.

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Sayin' It (Rare Grooves Records 1990)

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