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lanier and co.

Lanier & Co

Formed 1968, Jackson, Tennessee, U.S.A.

Lanier & Co are (left to right):

Joseph McKinney (Keyboards)

Fenoye Lanier (Drums)

Milton Price (Fender Bass)

Mark Brown (Trumpet)

Farris Lanier Jnr (Lead Singer) (b. 23rd January 1949, Jackson, Tennessee, U.S.A. d. 21st November 2019, Jackson, Tennessee, U.S.A.)

Marion Lanier (Alto Saxophone)

Sam Frazier (Tenor Saxophone)


Lee Freeman (Guitar)

Pronounced 'Lan-neer & Co.', this group were formed in Jackson, Tennessee, in 1968 by Farris Lanier Sr with Farris Lanier Jr, Lee Freeman, Fennoye Lanier and Marion Lanier.

Their debut single was 'Hook To The News' for the Way Out label, before switching to MGM Sounds Of Memphis for 'California Dreamin' (1970), recorded under the name of The Jacksonians.

Changing their name, they released a critically acclaimed album 'Lanier & Co.' on the Larc label in 1983.

With the addition of Arvall Wiley, Marvin Hilt, Van Beard and Stephanie Beard, the group signed to Willie Mitchell's Waylo, label and released 'Dancing In The Night' (1986).

An album of the same name followed in 1987 and included 'I Don't Know', released by Syncopate in the U.K. in 1986.

Farris Lanier

farris lanier jnr

Sadly, Farris Lanier passed away on the 21st of November 2019 in Jackson, Tennessee, at the age of 70.!/Obituary

Real Player


Lanier & Co (Larc Records 1983)

Dancing In The Night (Waylo/Syncopate Records 1987)

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