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leon bryant

Leon Bryant

b. Leon Bryant, Queens, New York, U.S.A.

From Queens, New York, Leon took music lessons from the age of two.

He began classical training by the age of five and was musical director of a choir by the age of twelve.

After encouraging reactions to a composition he entered in the American Song Festival, he looked for a record deal.

In 1980 his song 'You Are My Latin Lover' was an American hit for Joe Bataan, and the following year his debut, self-titied album (a mixture of gospel and r & b) was released by De-Lite Records.

He released a second album for De-Lite, 'Finders Keepers' (including 'I Can See Me Loving You'), in 1984, the same year he wrote and produced an album for The Intruders 'Who Do You Love', which included 'Warm And Tender Love'.

An opera fan, his favourite tenor is Luciano Pavarotti, apparently.

Leon Bryant

Real Player


Leon Bryant (De Lite Records 1981)

Finders Keepers (De Lite Records 1984)

Mighty Body (Unidisc Records 1994)

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