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leslie smith

Leslie Smith

b. Leslie Smith, 28th September 1949, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.

Leslie Smith is based in Los Angeles.

In 1973, he put togther the group 'Crackin', along with Peter Bunetta (bass).

The band released 'Crackin'- I' in 1975, followed by 'Makings Of A Dream' in 1977, 'Crackin' in 1977 and 'Special Touch' in 1978.

Leslie SmithLes Is More

leslie smith - 1982 / les is more - 1992

Leslie is, however, best remembered, amongst soul fans, for his solo album 'Heartache'.

The album was released on Elektra Records in 1982.

The album included 'It's Something', a track that was penned by Brenda Russell and appearred on her 'Two Eyes' album a couple of years later.

The track was, also, covered by Lalah Hathaway on her 1989 debut outing.

Leslie, also, duetted with Merry Clayton on the track 'Before The Night Is Over'.

Additionally, the track 'Love's A Heartache' was penned by Ned Doheny and was later recorded by the Kasu Matsui Project.

In 1992, he moved to T-Jam Records, a Polydor subsidiary, for the album 'Les Is More'.

That album contained an updated version of 'It's Something'.

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Heartache (Elektra Records 1982)

Les Is More (T Jam Records 1992)

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