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Light Of The World

Light Of The World were formed in London in 1978, the original line-up comprising:

Jean Paul 'Bluey' Maunick (guitar)

Neville 'Breeze' McKreith (guitar)

Everton McCalla (drums)

Chris Etienne (percussion)

Paul 'Tubbs' Williams (bass) (b. 11th October 1962, Hackney, London, United Kingdom d. 10th January 2007, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Peter Hinds (keyboards)

Canute Wellington (trumpet)


David 'Baps' Baptiste (trumpet)

Light Of The World took their name from a Kool And The Gang album (which contained the popular instrumental 'Summer Madness'), and signed to Ensign Records in 1979, achieving an immediate dancefloor hit with their debut single 'Swingin'.

The release of their self-titled debut album was marred by the death of Etienne during a promotional tour.

Nigel Martinez, Nat Augustin and Gee Bello were added to the line-up for 'Round Trip' (produced by Augie Johnson). 'Round Trip' included the popular 'London Town', 'I Shot The Sheriff', 'I'm So Happy' and 'Ride The Love Train', all of which charted in the UK.

The band split up in 1981.

Wellington, Baptiste and McKreith became Beggar & Co., while Maunick, Hinds and Williams formed Incognito.

There was a brief Light Of The World reunion when Augustin, Bello and Tubbs collaborated on an album for EMI in 1982 entitled 'Check Us Out'.

Light Of The World

The album 'Check Us Out', was released on Capitol EMI in 1982 and contained the rare groove 'No. 1 Girl'.

Hinds went on to become a respected R & B / soul producer, including work with the Chimes.

Light Of The World reformed in 1990, recording for Chrysalis Records.

A single entitled 'One Destination' was recorded.

In 1999, they were back in the studio and released 'Inner Voices' which received extensive airplay on London's Jazz FM.

The line up at this point were, Kenny Wellington, David Baptiste, Nathaniel Augustin, Neville 'Breeze' McKrieth and Frank Felix.

Guest musicians included ex Central Line member, Camelle Hinds.

The band commenced recording for a follow up album.

Sadly Paul 'Tubbs' Williams died in early 2007.

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