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limmie and the family cookin'

Limmie & The Family Cooking

Limmie and the Family Cookin' comprised of:

Limmie Snell

Jimmy Thomas


Martha Stewart (b. Dalton, Alabama, U.S.A)

Limmie Snell was born in Dalton, Alabama.

His family relocated to Canton as a child.

As Lemmie B. Good, he began recording at the age of 11 for Columbia Records, Mercury and Warner Brothers amongst other imprints.

These included the songs 'Good Dancing Angel' b / w 'I'm Going to Kiss My Girl'.

Limmie and the Family Cookin' followed on later.

The group had one single on Scepter Records prior to signing with Atco Records.

In the U.K. the group recorded three hit singles, 'You Can Do Magic' (Top Ten U.K. 1973), 'Dreamboat,' (Top 40 U.K. 1973) and a remake of the Essex's 'A Walking Miracle' (Top Ten U.K. 1974).

The group were more popular in the U.K. than they were in the U.S.

A later remake of a 50's hit 'Lollipop' was less successful the group.

Limmie remained popular in England and actively performed there until the mid - '80s in two forms, Limmie and the Family Cooking and Limmie Funk Unlimited.

Limmie Funk Unlimited formed around 1976 and consisted of Limmie (vocals), Nick Straker (organ), Dave McShearer (guitar), Pete Hammond (bass), and Andy Gierus (guitar).

They performed at various discotheques in the U.K., Holland, and Sweden, and recorded with producer Simon Cohen.

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