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linda williams

Linda Williams

b. Linda Williams, U.S.A.

Linda Williams is a talented songwriter, arranger, singer and pianist.

Linda worked for four years as arranger, pianist and music director with Natalie Cole.

As a singer she recorded 'Burning Spear' and 'Capricorn Rising' for Richard Evans on 'Richard Evans' (1979), while Richard produced Linda's solo album 'City Living' (1979), including 'Elevate Our Minds', for Arista.

Her album included artistsic in put from Paul Jackson and Paulinho Da Costa and had Larkin Arnold as Executive Producer.

Linda also wrote 'La Costa' with Natalie Cole, recorded both by Natalie and Ahmad Jamal.

In 2010, Linda has changed her stage name. She is now working under the name of Aziza.

She has a new album released entitled 'JazzSoetry V2'.

Real Player


City Living (Arista Records 1979)

As Aziza:

JazzSoetry V2 (CD Baby Records 2010)

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