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loretta williams

Loretta Williams

b. Loretta Williams (a.k.a. Loretta Handy Jackson), Mobile, Alabama, U.S.A.

Loretta Williams is a songstress, who hails from Mobile, Alabama.

During the Sixties she became a protege of Otis Redding.

She signed to Otis, and Atlantic employee Joe Galkin's record label, Jotis Records during 1965.

Jotis released 4 singles, two with Arthur Conley (Jotis 470 - 'I'm A Lonely Stranger' b/w 'Where You Lead Me' in 1965 (Re-Recorded Version), Jotis 472 - 'Who's Fooling Who' b/w 'There's A Place For Us' in 1966), one with, the late, Billy Young (Jotis 469 'Same Thing All Over' / 'Do The Sloopy' in 1965) and a single with Loretta.

These records were co-produced by Otis Redding and Jim Stewart.

Baby CakesI'm Missing You

'baby cakes' b/w 'i'm missing you' - 1966

At Jotis, Loretta released her one single, 'Baby Cakes' b/w 'I'm Missing You' (Jotis 471), in 1966.

The sessions for the song were recorded in New York on the 13th of September 1965.

The performers included John Farris, John W Cook, Norman Sellers, Robert Holloway, Robert Pittman, Albrisco Clark, Leroy Glover, Jackie Herndon, Everett Hollins, George Weaver, with arrangements & direction by McCoy Robinson (Otis produced the song).

Baby CakesThe World We Share

'baby cakes' b/w 'i'm missing you' - 1966 / the world we share - 2001

These were also released on Atlantic Records in the U.K., which led to the records becoming much sought after on the Northern Soul scene.

'Im Missing You' was included on Dave Godin's 'Deep Soul Treasures Vol. 3' in 2000.

The liner notes are here:

Loretta Williams

Jotis Poster

jotis records tour poster - 1966 / woman who lived twice - book 2007

Loretta became part of the Otis Redding Review for a while, performing at Harlem's Apollo Theatre.

She then left the secular stage and moved into the Gospel circuit, becoming a Pastor.

2nd ChanceThe World We Share

2nd chance - 1990 / the world we share (reissue) - 2001

In 2001, she released the album 'The World We Share'.

Loretta wrote and published the book 'The Woman Who Lived Twice' in 2007.

She still performs in church and preaches today under the title of Pastor Loretta Handy Jackson.

Loretta is married to Deacon Jerome Jackson Jr. and is currently a Pastor of The Second Chance Full Gospel Apostolic Holy Churches of God.

Real Player


2nd Chance (Ameka Records 1990)

The World We Share (2001)

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