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Madagascar were comprised of:

Gerald Albright (Saxophones and Flute)

Marva King (Vocals)

Donald Griffin (Guitars)

John Barnes (keyboards and synthesizers)

Ed Greene (Drums)


Raymond L.Brown (Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Tamborine)

Madagascar were essentially a group of session musicians, brought together to put construct a one off project in the form of a 1981 album entitled 'Spirit Of The Street' for the Arista Records imprint.

Their sole album also featured Billy Griffin and Paulinho Da Costa on vocal and percussion chores.

The notable track on the album was the song 'Rainbow', with Marva King and John Barnes taking the leads, a song highly popular in the U.K.

Marva King recorded for the U.K. based Expansion label in 2006, releasing 'Soul Sistah'.

John Barnes became a highly in demand producer, whilst Gerald Albright is still to this day, one of the most in demand saxophonists around.

Madagascar LPMarva King

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Spirit Of The Street (Arista Records 1981)

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