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marc sadane

Marc Sadane

b. Marcus Sadane, Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A.

Marc Sadane was born in Savannah, Georgia.

He trained his vocal skills singing in the local church and became musical director for his local choir before moving into off-Broadway acting and singing in New York.

In New York City he also studied fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

From here he joined a group Tungsten Steele and was lead singer for three years.

Marc then departed for a solo career in 1977 and became the vocalist for the house band at Mikell's.

He toured with Stephanie Mills which led to further popularity on the circuit.

He sang in several of New Jersey clubs before coming to the attention of writers and producers James Mtume and Reggie Lucas.

In 1981 they signed Marc to Warner Brothers and worked with him on two albums, 'One Way Love Affair' in 1981 and 'Exciting' in 1982, the latter including 'One Minute From Love'.

'Exciting' featured artistic in put from Marcus Miller and Luther Vandross amongst others.

Marc then opted out of the music business until 1988 when he recorded 'Why Can't You Believe In Me' (featuring Will Downing on backing vocals), produced by Darryl Payne, for Darryl's showcase album 'Past Present & Future'.

Since that time, Marc has adopted a lower musical profile.

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One Way Love Affair (Warner Brothers Records 1981)

Exciting (Warner Brothers Records 1982)

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