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mass production

Mass Production

Mass Production were originally from Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A.

The group comprised:

Larry Marshall (vocals / percussion)

Coy Bryant (guitar)

Tiny Kelly (vocals)

Gregory McCoy (sax)

Kevin Douglas (bass)

Rodney Phelps (guitar)

Emanual Redding (congas)

Tyrone Williams (keyboards)

Otis Drumgole (trumpet)

Ricardo Williams (vocals)


Samuel Williams (drums)

In the mid-70's the group journeyed to New York signing to the Cotillion label (via Atlantic).

The majority of the group went to Booker T. Washington high school together.

Mass ProductionMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production

welcome to our world - 1976 / believe - 1977 / three miles high - 1978 / in the purest form - 1979

Their debut album was 'Welcome To Our World' (1976), the title track being a U.K. Top 50 single.

However, it was the follow-up 'Believe' (1977) that truly established them on the U.K. jazz, funk and soul scene with 'Cosmic Lust'.

Mass ProductionMass ProductionMass ProductionMass Production

masterpiece - 1980 / turn up the music - 1981 / in a city groove - 1982 / '83 - 1983

Their other Cotillion albums were 'In The Purest Form' (in 1979), including 'Strollin', 'Masterpiece' (in 1980), including 'Shante', 'Tum Up The Music' (in 1981), 'In A City Groove' (in 1982), including the popular title track, and '83' (in 1983).

A further single 'Time Bomb' was released in 1983, following which they signed to the Paran label for 'Come Get Some Of This' (in 1984).

While the group were essentially vocal-orientated, it was their instrumentals 'Cosmic Lust', 'Shante' (a U.K. Top 60 single) and 'Strollin' which won them their greatest acclaim in the clubs.

The majority of band members now reside in Englewood and Teaneck, New Jersey.

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Welcome To Our World (Cotillion Records 1976)

Believe (Cotillion Records 1977)

Three Miles High (Cotillion Records 1978)

In The Purest Form (Cotillion Records 1979)

Masterpiece (Cotillion Records 1980)

Turn Up The Music (Cotillion Records 1981)

In A City Groove (Cotillion Records 1982)

83' (Cotillion Records 1983)

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