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the mccrary's

The McCrary's

From Los Angeles, U.S.A.

The McCrary's featured:

Sam McCrary

Linda McCrary

Alfred McCrary


Charity McCrary

The McCrary's first arrived on the music scene in 1972, with the release of 'Sunshine Day' on the Light Records label.

The McCrarysThe McCrarys

sunshine day - 1972 / the mccrary's - 1973

A selft-ttled album followed a year later.

In 1978 they released 'Loving Is Living', for the Portrait imprint.

The album was help launched by Stevie Wonder, who contributed harmonica chores on the track 'You'.

On the cover notes. Stevie wrote: 'If it your desire to experience: Lyrics of sincerity, song and harmony, family in unity, your heart being warmed by universal and intimate loves, then share with me the fulfilment of that desire by experiencing the McCrary family.'

The McCrary'sThe McCrary'sThe McCrary'sThe McCrary's

loving is living - 1978 / on the other side - 1979 / just for you - 1980 / all night music - 1982

The album also featured the talents of David Foster, Chuck Rainey and George Bohannon.

It was four years before the Wayne Henderson's 'All Night Music' (in 1982) was released, which included 'Love On A Summer Night' (written by Wayne Henderson) and 'For You', for Capitol Records in 1982.

The group had added family member Howard McCrary, by this time, who later recorded a gospel album entitled 'So Good' for the Good News label (via A&M) in 1985.

Real Player


Sunshine Day (Light Records 1972)

Emerge (Cats Eye Records 1973)

Loving Is Living (Portrait Records 1978)

On The Other Side (Portrait Records 1979)

Just For You (Capitol Records 1980)

All Night Music (Capitol Records 1982)

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