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mel and tim

Mel & Tim

Mel and Tim comprised of:

Mel Hardin (b. Melvin McArthur Harden, Holly Springs, Mississippi, U.S.A.)


Tim McPherson (b. Hubert Timothy McPherson, Holly Springs, Mississippi, U.S.A. d. 1986, U.S.A.)

Mel Hardin and Tim McPherson were both cousins, and were born and raised in Holly Springs, Mississippi, U.S.A.

They both originally sang in the Gospel group The Welcome Travelers.

The duo and later relocated to St. Louis, Missouri.

Mel's mother and Tim's aunt, Yolanda Hardin, cousin Walita, Catha, Donny and Darris Maxwell all helped the duo with their writing and publicity.

They were signed in 1969 to Gene Chandler's Bamboo imprint and released their debut 45 for the label, namely the self penned 'I've Got Puredee (Part 1)' b/w 'I've Got Puredee (instrumental)'.

The follow up single 'Backfield In Motion' b/w 'Do Right Baby', reached the U.S. Top 10 in 1969.

I've Got PuredeeGood Guys Only Win

i've got puredee - 1969-45 / good guys only win in the movies - 1969

A debut album was released the same year, entitled 'Good Guys Only Win In The Movies', which was produced by Gene Chandler.

'Backfield' was followed by 'Good Guys Only Win In The Movies' b/w 'I Found That I Was Wrong', after which Mel And Tim changed labels, signing to the Stax Records imprint in 1972.

Previously, in 1971, they were signed by Barry Beckett at Muscle Shoals sound studio and recorded 'Starting All Over Again', the masters of which were bought by Stax Records.

'Starting All Over Again' b/w 'It Hurts To Want It So Bad', was their debut for the label, a song later covered by the late Johnnie Taylor.

Further singles, included 'I May Not Be What You Want' (taken from the film 'Wattstax') b/w 'Too Much Wheelin' And Dealin' and 'Heaven Knows' b/w 'Don't Mess With My Money, My Honey, Or My Woman', were well received by soul fans.

Starting All Over AgainMel & Tim

starting all over again - 1972 / mel and tim - 1973

They released a second album, recorded in Muscle Shoals and produced by Phillip Mitchell, entitled 'Starting All Over Again' in 1972.

The same year Mel and Tim performed at the Wattstax charity concert singing 'I May Not Be What You Want'.

A final self titled, Barry Beckett, Roger Hawkins produced album, was released in 1973, which featured the popular stepper, 'Keep The Faith'.

Tim McPherson passed away in 1986.

Mel & Tim

Real Player


Good Guys Only Win In The Movies (Bamboo Records 1969)

Starting All Over Again (Stax Records 1972)

Mel And Tim (Stax Records 1973)

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