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the meters

The Meters

The Meters comprised of:

Art Neville (b. Arthur Lanon Neville, 17th December 1937, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.; keyboards)

Leo Nocentelli (guitar)

George Porter (bass)


Joseph 'Zigaboo' / Ziggy' Modeliste (drums)

The Meters are an American R&B/funk band based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Real Player


The Meters (Josie Records 1969)

Look-Ka Py Py (Josie Records 1970)

Struttin' (Josie Records 1970)

Cabbage Alley (Reprise Records 1972)

Rejuvenation (Reprise Records 1974)

Fire On The Bayou (Reprise Records 1975)

Trick Bag (Reprise Records 1976)

New Directions (Warners Records 1977)

Uptown Rulers! Live On The Queen Mary, 1975 recording (Rhino Records 1992)

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