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mica paris

Mica Paris

b. Michelle Wallen, 27th April 1969, London, England.

Mica Paris has been a part of the U.K. Soul Scene for nearly 15 years now.

At 16 years old, tiring of the name Michelle, Mica changed her name to Micha.

That became abbreviated to Mica with her surname inspired by a piece of Covent Garden jewellry!

Mica began singing in the church at the age of seven, leaving for more secular musical pursuits at the age of fifteen.

She has written, recorded and produced with the likes of of Nile Rogers (Chic), Prince and Rakim (of Eric B & Rakim).

She has a deep rich vocal style that has proved popular with soul fans, although she has never received the accolades she deserves.

Mica sang in the Spirit of Watts gospel group before touring and recording in the late 1980's with Hollywood Beyond.

She signed with 4th and Broadway in the same decade and then issued her debut 'So Good'.

Her second LP, 'Contribution', was released in 1990.

The album utilised the producers Charles Mantronik of Mantronix, and Dancin' Danny D of D-Mob.

Mica relocated to Polydor for her third LP, 'Whisper a Prayer', in 1993.

The album was acclaimed amongst soul purists and contained the original version of 'You Put A Move On My Heart', (later covered by Quincy Jones).

She also recorded with Will Downing in 1989, producing an updated version of 'Where Is the Love.'

In 2003, she worked on a BBC Radio 2 show entitled 'Soul Solutions', which featured various soul artists including India Arie, Bobby Womack, Solomon Burke and Leon Ware.

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So Good (4th & Broadway Records 1989)

Contribution (4th & Broadway Records 1990)

Whisper a Prayer (Island Records 1993)

Black Angel (Import Records 1998)

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