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mighty fire

Mighty Fire

Mighty Fire comprised of:

Darryl K. Roberts (keyboards / bass / vocals)

Perry Payton (lead vocals / drums)

Mel Bolton (guitar / producer / vocals)

D'Laine McQuaig (lead vocals / guitar)


Harry Kim (trumpet / vocals)

Based in Los Angeles, Mighty Fire recorded two albums, in 1981 and 1982 respectively.

'No Time For Masquerading' was released, in 1981, on Elektra Records and featured Mel Brown and Marilyn McLeod at co-producers.

The track 'I Could Write A Love Song', was written for, writer Pam Sawyer's son, Steve Sawyer.

The dancers 'Sweet Fire' and 'Love Fantasy' were popular on the U.K. dancefloors.

No Time For MasqueradingMighty Fire

The album 'Mighty Fire' followed in 1982 on the Elektra imprint.

The band spilt up after this release. checkout Mel 'Botown' Bolton's current website...

Real Player


No Time For Masquerading (Elektra Records 1981)

Mighty Fire (Elektra Records 1982)

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