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the moments

The Moments

Formed in Hackensack, New Jersey, U.S.A., (in the mid 60's), the Moments, at various times, comprised of:

Mark Greene (b. Washington D.C., U.S.A.)

Eric Olfus Sr.

Richard Gross (a.k.a. Richie Horsley)

John Morgan

Al Goodman (b. Albert Willie Goodman, 31st March 1946, Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.A., d. 26th July 2010, Hackensack Medical Center, Hackensack, New Jersey, U.S.A., ex-Vipers and Corvettes)

Harry Ray (b. Harry Milton Ray, 15th December 1946, Long Branch, Monmouth County, New Jersey, U.S.A., d. 1st October 1992, Bound Brook, New Jersey, U.S.A., ex Sounds Of Soul and the Establishment)

William Brown (b. 30th June 1946, Perth Amboy, New Jersey, U.S.A., ex Broadways and Uniques)

and, for a short period,

Johnny Moore (b. John Darrel Moore, 15th December 1934, Selma, Alabama, U.S.A. d. 30th December 1998, London, England)

The Moments were a sweet vocal harmony group, formed in the mid to late Sixties, who later to become the trio, Ray Goodman and Brown.

The original members of the Moments were Mark Greene, Eric Olfus, Sr., Richard Gross, and John Morgan.

In 1965, whilst attending Washington D.C.'s Howard University, Fonce and Larry Mizell, along with Freddie Perren and school friend Toby Jackson, all founded the Hog Records imprint.

One of the labels first signings were The Moments.


baby I want you b/w pray for me - 1967

Their debut 45 saw the light if day, entitled 'Baby, I Want You' b/w 'Pray For Me'.

The Moments were then discovered by the legendary singer and songwriter Ed Townsend in 1968.

The group were later signed to Stang Records, a label instigated by Sylvia and Joe Robinson (who were married in 1964) at All Platinum Studios in Englewood, New Jersey.

The Moments charted immediately, in 1968, with 'Not On The Outside', (number 13 on the R&B chart and number 57 on the Billboard Hot 100).

Mark Greene was the lead vocalist on the song.

The Moments then became a trio, with Mark Greene and Richie Gross leaving All Platinum in 1969.

The Moments

They were replaced by Al Goodman and William 'Billy' Brown whilst John Morgan stayed on with the group.

William Brown had previously been a member of The Broadways, who had recorded on the MGM label.

Al Goodman had previously been a member of The Corvettes and The Vipers.

He was hired by Joe Robinson as a studio production creative artist.

In 1970, 'Love On A Two Way Street', reached number 1 on the R & B chart and number 3 on the pop chart.

The song featured Willie and The Mighty Magnificents with Willie Feaster on the guitar, Arnold Ramsey on drums, Val Burke on bass.

Not On The OutsideA Moment With

not on the outside, but on the inside, strong - 1969 / a moment with the moments - 1970

The song was originally included as a filler cut on the group's first LP, 'Not On The Outside...But On The Inside, Strong!', and had originally been recorded by Stang artist Leslie Valentine.

The first album also featured a version of another Leslie Valentine song titled 'I Won't Do Anything'.

John Morgan was then replaced, for a brief period by Johnny Moore (pictured with Al Goodman and William Brown on the cover of the group's second album which was hurriedly released in 1970).

Johnny Moore was Sylvia Robinson's brother-in-law.

New York State Women's PrisonMiss Black America Pageant

at the new york state women's prison - 1971 / at the miss black america pageant - 1971

Johnny Moore was then replaced by Harry Ray, from the local groups the Sounds Of Soul and The Establishment, following Johnny's failure to appear for a live show.

The group then recored two unusual albums, one based around a concert at the New York State Women's Prison, the second at the Miss Black America Pageant, both of which werre released in 1971.

The Other Side OfThose Sexy Moments

the other side of the moments - 1972 / those sexy moments - 1974

'The Other Side Of The Moments' was released in 1972, followed by 'Those Sexy Moments' in 1974.

The Moments

Harry Ray was by now singing lead vocal chores for many of The Moments subsequent hits, including the singles 'If I Didn’t Care' (number 7 R & B, number 44 pop, 1970), 'Sexy Mama' (number 3 R & B, number 17 pop, 1973), and 'Look At Me (I'm In Love)' (number 1 R & B, number 39 pop, 1975).

William Brown then shared lead vocal chores from that point.

My ThingLook At Me

my thing - 1974 / look at me - 1975

On TopMeet The Moments

on top - 1975 / the o'jays meet the moments - 1975

Harry also recorded a duet with Sylvia Robinson, 'Sho Nuff Boogie' (billed as Sylvia and the Moments) in 1973, and a song to later feature on her solo 'Sylvia 'Set in 1976.

The Moments were also co-credited with labelmates The Whatnauts on their hit 'Girls (Parts 1 and 2)', which only made number 25 on the U.S. R & B charts, however, reaching number 3 on the U.K. singles charts in 1975.

A parent album entitled 'Those Sexy Moments' was released to co-incide with the success of the single, the cover of which was the image utilised on their previous 'Look At Me' release.

An album of songs performed with the O'Jays saw the light of day in 1975, along with the album release 'On Top'.

'Dolly My Love' was then released in 1975, 'Nine Times' in 1976, with 'Jack In The Box' following in 1977, neither of which charted in the U.S.A.

Moments With YouSharp

moments with you - 1976 / sharp - 1978

They recorded two Stang albums in 1976 ('Moments With You') and 'Sharp' (including 'Gotta Get Next To You') in 1978.

Harry Ray and Al Goodman had become involved in writing and producing much of their material throughout the mid-70's.

By 1979 the group had had a total of 27 R & B chart hits, but decided to leave Stang to relocate to Polydor Records, however, a legal dispute arose barring them from using the name 'The Moments'.

The trio decided to use their surnames as their new group name, 'Ray, Goodman & Brown'.

Harry Ray died from a stroke on the 1st of October 1992 in Bound Brook, New Jersey, U.S.A.

He had previously released one solo Sugarhill album in 1982, 'It's Good To Be Home', which included the club favourite 'Love Is A Game'.

Another Harry Ray recording, his version of, 'My Baby Loves Me' was released on a 12" single in 1985 for the Panoramic imprint.

Al Goodman

al goodman

In July 2010, Al Goodman sadly passed away. He was 64.

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Ray, Goodman and Brown

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as the Moments

Not On The Outside (Stang Records 1969)

A Moment With The Moments (Stang Records 1970)

The Moments Live At The New York State Woman's Prison (Stang Records 1971)

Love At The Miss Black America Pageant (Stang Records 1971)

The Other Side Of The Moments (Stang Records 1972)

Those Sexy Moments (Stang Records 1974)

My Thing (Stang Records 1974)

Look At Me (Stang Records 1975)

On Top (Stang Records 1975)

as the Moments with the O'Jays

The O'Jays Meet The Moments (Philadelphia International Records 1975)

as the Moments

Moments With You (Stang Records 1976)

Sharp (Stang Records 1978)

A Moments Collection Vol.1 (Victory Records 1982)

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